Your home, your plan

Custom modular homes from Cardinal Homes

Keefer Building Services works with Cardinal Homes which are made right here in Virginia. The quality of these homes are phenomenal and are top of the line. We can sit with you to design your perfect home and even take you to show you where your home is being built. The craftsmanship of these homes is fantastic and we cannot stress enough how proud we are to be working with Cardinal Homes.

Top of the line materials, appliances, etc.

Better living features


The Cardinal Advantage means a home that fits an individual’s style and personal preferences. With Better Living Features, meet the requirements of your home buyers as their lifestyles

change and families grow.

What’s Different About A Better Living Home?The hallways are wider, doorways are wider, closets are complete with bi-fold doors rather than standard swinging doors and there’s expanded space in bathrooms. Easy access bathrooms, thoughtful kitchen details and many other attributes make Better Living perfect sense for your future.

(some closets will still have pass through doors but bi-fold doors provide easier access when space is an issue)

Who Is Better Living For?

Everyone! Better Living is not just for elderly and disabled individuals, all members of the family and even guests can benefit from Better Living common-sense safety and convenience features! Read more about the benefits built in to every Cardinal Home.


How Much Would You Spend To Remodel Your Home If A Handicapped Family Member Moved In Or Your Own Physical Needs Changed?
Save money on future renovations and appliance upgrades by building wisely now.

As your family grows and changes, you may want to consider what would need to be modified in your home to accommodate a wheelchair or walker for a handicapped family member. If an in-law moved in to your home or if someone was in a car accident, you would not want to waste time and money on costly renovations!

Why Is Better Living Really Better?

Cardinal’s Better Living designs are attractive, efficient and economical. Every aspect is carefully constructed, code-approved and ready for delivery to your site. And with every Cardinal Home, we insist on only the finest building materials, fixtures and accessories – so you can count on years of comfortable, trouble free, Better Living!

Rocker style light switches
With an arm full of groceries, it’s easier to turn lights on in a room by just bumping the switch with your elbow
Light switches 45½” top of box to floor
More comfortable height for “everyone”, even toddlers can reach the lights
Wall receptacles 20″ top of box to floor
Easier on your back by not having to reach so far over to plug in items
Lever handles on doors and faucets
Ease-of-use for items that are handled over and over,
Passage doors 36″ wide, Hallways 44″ wide and Stairways 42″
Wider doors are more convenient when carrying clothes basket, sports gear, book bags, moving furniture, etc
Threshold Options
Prevents tripping for guests with walkers or on crutches
Exterior doors with glass or sidelights
Increases visibility of visitors without having to open the door and it’s easier to see guests at night.
Adjustable height closet rods and shelves
Able to arrange closets to accommodate height of user
Roll-out shelf in base cabinets
Makes it easier to reach items, with no need to strain when pulling items from cabinets
Various height kitchen counters available
Working in kitchens easier for all ages and heights, and one can be seated while using counter space for projects. Children can easily help mom or dad!
Grab bars and reinforced walls
Wall reinforced for grab bars around tubs and commodes to lend stability when taking a shower and aide in getting up and down from the tub area.
Hand-held shower
Whether a child is too short to receive the benefits of a standard showerhead or health issues make sitting preferable, this device benefits everyone in the family.
Shower Seat/Bench
Whether it’s a seat for shaving legs or just another way to incorporate relaxation into a daily chore, a seat or a bench in the shower has multiple functions in which everyone can enjoy.
Spacious bathrooms
Spacious bathrooms allow for several people to “get ready” together in the morning and have enough room for wheelchairs and other large items
Elongated commodes
More comfortable shape
Task lighting per order
Great lighting exactly where you need it – special projects, cooking, reading, etc.

Primary Features

What makes our home the best?

We take pride in our homes and their features. There are countless options available for your new cardinal home. You dream it, we build it.


  • Cabinets are custom ordered for each kitchen. A wide range of possible layouts and options exist.
  • Oak recessed panel doors are standard in kitchen & baths.
  • Upgrades include raised panel oak, white, maple, cherry, or hickory.
  • Post-formed counter tops with backsplash. (Avonite solid surface also available)
  • Pre-formed, marbleized vanity tops are optional.

Exterior Doors

  • 36″ Fiberglass insulated doors are standard.
  • Swinging and sliding patio door options available.
  • Keyed alike.
  • Doorbell, front & back.

Exterior Walls

  • 2 x 4 studs at 16″ O. C. (Optional: 2 x 6 w/R-19 insulation required in certain areas)
  • Double studs at all door and window openings.
  • Double top plate, single bottom.
  • Headers over window and door openings, according to code.
  • 7/16″ O.S.B. sheathing, glued and nailed.
  • R-15 fiberglass batts in 4″ sidewall.
  • Felt paper around all window and door openings.
  • Building wraps applied over sheathing. (Foam optional)


  • Engineered I joists LVL and OSB Web, 19.2″ OC on 24 ft. wide, 16″ OC on 28 ft. and 30 ft. wide.
  • A.P.A. rated 3/4 T&G Plywood floors, glued and nailed. (OSB is available)
  • Single LVL Band Joists up to 48’ (Forms center girder with 4 members at marriage line)
  • Double Band Joists for 50’ and longer. (Forms center girder with 4 members at marriage line)
  • Alternative: Webbed Joists or 2×10’s.
  • Joist hangers on center girder.
  • R-30 fiberglass insulation.

General Notes

  • Studs are stud grade, Lumber is SPF or SYP, kiln-dried, #2 unless otherwise specified.
  • If you have a special request, please ask. We have probably done something like it before.

Interior Doors and Trim

  • Primed 6-panel pre-hung doors are standard. Other specialty doors as available.
  • Primed wood moldings are standard. Other specialty trims as available.
  • Optional stained trim & doors available.
  • Privacy locksets (lever handle) are standard on all baths and bedrooms.

Interior Partitions

  • Interior partitions are 2 x 4 at 16″ centers with 1/2″ gypsum board both sides. (Taped, sanded & primed)
  • Marriage walls are 2 x 4 at 16″ centers with 1/2″ gypsum board inside and 7/16″ O.S.B. outside.


  • 200 amp electrical distribution service.
  • Electric baseboard heat is optional. Other systems site-installed by Builder.
  • Copper wiring sized to fixture, #12 gauge wire minimum. All wiring per NEC.
  • Switches, receptacles, smoke detectors, and fixtures are U/L approved and wired to comply with NEC.
  • Brushed aluminum, filtered range hood, standard.
  • Vented bath fans are standard in all bathrooms.
  • Quotes are given on special orders, based on availability and ability to incorporate into system.


  • Supply distribution is PEX, sized as required by the number of fixtures down-line.
  • DWV is PVC schedule 40, sized as required.
  • One-piece fiberglass tub/shower, porcelain sink and water saver commode in white or bone.
  • Stainless steel, double-bowl kitchen sink with single-lever faucet standard.
  • Pressure balanced mixing valves in all showers.
  • Wide range of upgrade fixtures available.

Roof System

  • Engineered roof systems built to exceed the requirements in the state of intended delivery.
  • 7/16″ O.S.B. sheathing.
  • 50 yr Architectural shingles with 15# felt underlay. (30 yr shingles available)
  • Metal drip-edge shingle molding on all eaves
  • R-30 fiberglass batt (R38 optional)
  • 1/2″ High-Strength Gypsum board, taped, mudded and textured. (Optional smooth ceiling primed only)
  • Minimum attic venting ratio is 1:300, or 1:150 depending on technical aspects of the design.


  • Solid color vinyl. (Options prep for brick, etc.)
  • Specialty sidings, trim, shutters (front), vents, etc., are also possible, subject to availability.


  • Vinyl framed, double-glazed w/Low E, single-hung windows with grills and screens (bottom sash tilts out).
  • Double-hung windows optional.
  • Special configurations including bays, palladian windows, irregular shapes and other special orders may be available.


**A portion of information on this page was obtained directly from Cardinal Homes website at